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   Zhong Jian

Resume: Zhong Jian, male, born in November 1973, the han nationality, in March 1993 to join the party, a job in August 1996, a college degree, bachelor of arts degree .used to be deputy chief and chief of export-import bank of China in different division, Yingkou municipal government vice mayor (temporary).

Zhong Jian comrade in charge of science and technology, civil affairs, financial and administrative examination and approval work.In charge of city technology bureau (intellectual property), and civil affairs bureau, the municipal government financial office, the municipal government administrative examination and approval department, public resource transaction management office, In charge of contact of local banks and other non financil organization, association for science and technology and financial institutions in Yingkou. .Responsible for supervise and urge in charge of the department of the party and the party's style of work to build a clean government, complete the temporary task assigned by the mayor.(temporary)