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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Yingkou is a very beautiful and charming coastal city located on the Liaodong Peninsula with a history of over two hundred and eighty thousand years. During the Paleolithic Age, our ancestors began to live and thrive on the land, leaving behind numerous human cultural and historical sites. Yingkou is well-known for being the earliest port opened to foreign trade. Yingkou has very attractive scenery and a temperate climate. It has rich mineral resources. Yingkou is not only referred to as the magnesium metropolis, but it is also teeming with such resources as fine quality fruits, rice paddies and aquatic products. Yingkou's transportation system is very convenient with Zhong-Chang Railway, Harbin-Dalian Highway and Shengyang-Dalian Expressway traversing through the whole area. Having two ports--both a river port and a sea port--has accelerated Yingkou¡¯s regional economic development. Our sea port is one of the ten largest ports in China. Our city is the best landing point in the region for both foreign enterprises wanting to enter the Northeastern China marketplace and domestic enterprises wanting access to the rest of the world. We have a state-level Economic and Technological Development Zone , a state-level Hi-Tech Zone and a state-level Coastal Industrial Zone. Yingkou is an ideal place for foreign investors seeking business opportunities. So far we have had an influx of more than one thousand enterprises which have profited by entering our untapped markets. In the new century, Yingkou will continue to focus on improving the investment environment and the economic structure. We will try our best to provide a positive economic climate for all our friends. Yingkou needs your help. We will continue to open our doors to investors from the entire world and strive to better our collective future. We sincerely invite you to visit Yingkou and start your business here.
 Acting Mayor: Xu Guiqing

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