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Yingkou is one of the five earliest cities that opened the postal services in China. In 1987, Yingkou City  was leading  in setting up the all-digital program controlled telephone networks in the north east China.  

In Yingkou, people can dial directly to 198 countries & regions in the world as well as 1,100 cities and counties inside China. Mobile phones, beepers, fax, and Express Mail Service are popularly used.

Yingkou city is the first to have customs post office to the city in the medium sized cities in 1995.  
The highest comprehensive building of post office was completed in 1996.

It contains entertainments, restaurants, shopping, gym, hotel, etc. 
Rural telephones installed take top percentage in Liaoning Province in 1997.   
    China Unicom has first open its 130 net in Yingkou city in 1998. 



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