A Grave in
the Neolithic Age---Dolmen

Dolmen was a kind of grave from the end of the Neolithic Age to the bronze Age, which was Megalithic culture and had 4000 years histories. It is the Asian Pyramid. So far, there are two sites of Dolmens in Yingkou, among which the dolmen in ER Taizi has been very well preserved, and it has been awarded as the state level historical relics preservation site.

From the constructional scale, we can see that this dolmen was a grave for a head of a clan tribe. It was build of five granites. It has three vertical stones with the high of 7.6 meters, and on the top covered with a stone with length of 8.6 meters , width of 5.7 meters and thickness of 0.7 meter. Experts both from home and abroad said that it is the largest dolmen in the world and one of the valuable cultural heritages of Chinese people. It has very important value for study the ancient history.

Location: Pai Fang Dian Village, Er Tai Township, Gai Zhou city

Ticket Price: 2 Yuan


Best  time to visit: From April to October each year