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Yingkou Port - the Second Largest Port in Northeast China.

Yingkou Port, located in the central part of Liaodong Peninsular, is one of the major ports for foreign trade in Northeast China .Yingkou port includes Yingkou Old Port and Bayuquan New Port. The Old Port is hearted in the city and has more than 130 years' history. The New Port ,   located at Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone, is all-weather port  and the nearest access to the sea from North Eastern China and Inner Mongolia areas.
As the state's major construction project, the Bayuquan New Port was begun to build in 1984. Nine 10,000 tonnage berths in the first phase have been completed and put into operation by the end of 1991. The designed handling capacity is 7.5 million tons. Five 10,000-tonnage berths (2 are the 50000-tonnage berths) of the second phase have been also completed and put into use by the end of 1997. When the second phase being under construction , the berths for finished oil, auto roll-on/off and grain have been completed and put into operation successfully. In 1997, the handling capacity of Yingkou Port was 15 million tons. In 1998, the handling capacity reached 18 million tons. Now, many international container lines , to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and domestic terminals ,have been opened. In 1997, the total transportation of containers was 40,000 TEU.
Besides containers, grain, automobile and finished oil, Yingkou Port also ships iron, steel, timber, coal, bulk chemical fertilizer, mineral powder, liquid chemicals, petroleum beverages, ceramic tiles and non-metal products etc.. It is a leading port in transporting non-mineral products .
Yingkou Port is playing its key role in the development of Yingkou City and becoming more and more vigorous in the coming future.                                                                                         
Yingkou Port
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