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                         Junior Middle School

School Name Address
-Yingkou No.1 Middle School No.1,E. Liaohe Street Yingkou
-Yingkou No.4 Middle School No.12, Mogoying Li, Xishi District,Yingkou
-Yingkou Shiyan  Middle School No.26, W. Bohai Street Yingkou
-Yingkou No.6 Middle School No 16, An Min Li, Dongfeng St. Zhanqian District, Yingkou
-Yingkou No.7 Middle School No.1-1 East.Taihe Li, Zhanqian District,YK
-Yingkou No.9 Middle School No.7, Nan Li, Yongqiang Street Xishi District Yingkou.
-Yingkou No.11 Middle School No.30, S.Liming Li, Zhanqian District YK
-Yingkou Yan Nan Middle School No.1, Tongxin Li,Xishi District Yingkou

-Yingkou No.13 Middle School

No.10, Chuichu Rd, Zhanqian District YK
-Yingkou No.14 Middle School. AnĄŻle Li, Xinmin Street. Xishi District YK
-Yingkou No.16 Middle School No.1, He Bohai Street, Yingkou
-Yingkou No.17 Middle School No.1, S. Xuefu Rood, Zhanqian District YK
-Yingkou Sports Middle School No. 2-2, S. Tiyuguan Li, Zhanqian District
-Yingkou No.23 Middle School Xinjian Street, Zhanqian District Yingkou
-Yingkou No.24 Middle School Xinghai, Bayuquan District Yingkou
-Bayuquan Shiyan Middle School Bayuquan District Yingkou

-Yingkou No. 25 Middle School

Xinghai, Bayuquan District Yingkou
-Yingkou No.27 Middle School Haidong, Bayuquan District Yingkou
-Yingkou No. 29 Middle School Bayuquan District Yingkou


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