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Yingkou Mother's Day

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The legend of Wang'er Shan Hill
On the plain of Liao Nan, there is an old city called Xun Yue. In the east of the city located alone hill, surrounding with orchards. On the top of the hill stands a grey brick tower, looked like a kind mother, looking forward to the return of her son. People now call it Wang'er Shan Hill, meaning to look forward to the return of the son. Here is the weepy legend

Once upon a time, Xun Yue City was surrounded with seashore, near the seashore, there was a poor family in the suburb of Xun Yue city .In the family, lives a mother and a son, the mother loved her son very much, and expected him study hard, so he could have a better future. To support her son's study, she had to work hard in the fields at daytimes; spun cotton into yard and weaved cotton cloth at night. The son showed great respect for his mother, decided to study hard and well. Year after year, the  mother and the son suffered for ten years. One year, the imperial court held a final examination to find the qualified person for the imperial court. And the son decided to take part in the examination in Beijing. Before he left, the mother said to the son: ?Son, take care of yourself! Don't worry about me! Just do your best, no matter you pass or fail, be home early! The son said: Alright Mum, I will  try my best. And come home right away whenever I have finished the exam. Just waiting for my good news.?

For the examination, he had left home for Beijing by boat. The mother was farming at day and weaving at night, waiting for her son home. But she hadn't heard from her son since then. She worried, and went to the shore every day, looking forward to see her son soon. One year, two years, three years passed, year after year, the mother's hair turned grey, and still no information about her soon. Seven  years, eight years and nines years passed, the weather was very hot in summer and cold in winter, the mother's face was wrinkled. Ever day she could see no son but ocean and the boats back and force. The poor mother cried to the ocean sadly coming back my son, I missing you.Ten years, twenty years and thirty years passed, the gerontic mother passed away and turned into a stone statue to wait for her son. But?
Unfortunately her son was falling into the ocean, when he was on his way to Beijing for examination. God was moved by the great mother, and formed a hill at the place where the mother stood; the earth was moved by the great mother, and turned tears of the mother's into underground hot spring, the soil was being moistened to grow endless red color apples; the villagers were moved, they called the alone hill Wang'er Shan, which meant expecting the return of the son on top of the hill? then built a grey brick tower on the top of the hill and a Mother House at the  bottom of the hill for the younger generation to memorize it.

Now, the people in Xiong Yue are still keeping this customs to memorize their kind and lovely mother. Every Sunday in May each year, they will have a carnival to celebrate the mother's day. Some people even set steles to show their esteem for their own mothers.

Location: Xiong Yue County, Gai Zhou City, Yingkou

Ticket:15 Yuan

Best time to visit: From 04-10 each year.



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