Jin Niu Shan pale anthropological site, The most early pale anthropological site in northeast China

Jin Niu Shan is located in Yong¡¯an County in Da shi Qiao city, the altitude is 69.3 meters above sea level. In the year of 1984, a piece of skull of ape-man was found here£¬ The archaeological study shows that the skull excavated here is more evolved than Beijing cave man, it is one of the Chinese ape-man populations transited from erect man to wise man. This discovery was awarded as the world top 10 scientific development progress in the same yea. In the year of 1988, it is confirmed as the State important cultural heritage protective site. In the year of 200, it is awarded as one of the 100 discoveries in the 20the century. Now Jin Niu Shan exhibition hall has been completed and opens every day. Welcome people from all part of the world to visit Jin Niu Shan and have a look at the Chinese ape-man¡¯s living condition etc...
Address £ºYong¡¯an county, Da S hi Qiao City
   Ticket is 2 Yuan
   Best time to visit£ºFrom July¡ªSeptember each year