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  Investment Field 
Yingkou has provided a vast investment field for investors. Foreign investors are welcome to establish joint-venture, contractual joint ventures and solely-foreign funded enterprises in Yingkou, and we especially welcome foreign investors to carry out technical transplanting and transforming to the local existed enterprises. The proposed fields are as the following;
1.Industrial Sector
Textile industry with production lines renovation involving cotton knitting products, special wide decoration cloth, dyeing, 15,000-spindle fine count combined yarn project, modified polyester slice, nylon 66 filament, tussah silk cloth dyeing and bleaching as the major sections;
Light industry with grand pianos, plastics-sealed miniature electrical machinery, tri-color fluorescent powder, fuzzy computer-controlled washing machines, super low pressure gas heaters, color offset printing paper, beer,
plastic products for daily use as the major sections;
Machinery industry with number-controlled grinders, number-controlled processing center, high-speed warping machines, presses, bridge cranes and portal cranes, aluminum pistons for automobile use, bushing, high precision moulds, power cable, special valves, special pumps, high-tension testing equipment, engineering machines, meters and instruments.
Electronics industry with tape-recorder deck mechanism for automobile, intelligent fire alarm device, compound smoke detector, crystal shells, pedestals and crystal resonator serial products, computer application system center as the major sections.
Metallurgy industry with aluminum sections electrostatic coating, ferrochrome alloy, aluminum alloy bushing steel belt, superfine copper power, cladded rolled copper, gold exploitation, medium and thick plates and cold-
rolled plates as the major sections.
Chemical industry with the serial chemical products of boron, chemical metal silicon, tricyanuric chloride (C3C13N3), lubricant,, a polymer of ethylene, yang acetate and carbon monoxide C5-9acid, acetone aldehyde, aspartame, as the major sections.
Building material industry with cement, magnesium fire-resistant materials, kiln wire drawing, unflappable and burning-resistant decorative materials, products of glass fiber reinforced plastics, granite processing as the major sections.
Pharmacy industry with lysine, traditional Chinese herb and new medicines made by bio-chemical engineering methods, medical apparatuses as the major sections.
Food industry with fruits juice, carnivorous chicken and duck processing, dehydrated vegetables as the major
2.Agriculture Sector
Farming, forestry, aquatic products, breeding industry and animal husbandry with improved varieties of grain, fruit and vegetable seeds, flower planting and cultivation. Animal husbandry, flowers, fishery, shrimp, crab and shell fish are the major sectors.
The construction projects of infrastructure including port, harbor, water plant, power plant, the construction of Liaohe bridge and round beach highway and sewage treatment plant.
4.Service Sector  
Hot spring recuperation facilities, comprehensive development of tourism, the development of real estate and
stretches of land development combined with the renovation of old city area.

How to apply

Examination and approval procedures for investment 

To set up foreign-funded enterprises in Yingkou city, the project with total investment below USD 30 million is examined and approved by Yingkou people' s Municipal Government, apart from the projects examined and approved by the state' s competent authorities according to the stipulation of the state. For foreign investor' convenience, Yingkou provides the" one stop''service and finishes all written replies within a week.

Required documents for solely foreign-founded enterprises 

 1.Owner's certification of foreign enterprise. 
 2.Copy of businesses licenses of foreign registered enterprise.
 3.Credit certificate issued by the account bank of the company or private.
 4.The filled in application forms for foreign-funded enterprise.
 5.Report of feasibility study. 
 6.Articles of association and By-laws. 
 7.Balance sheet for past three years. 
 8.List of equipment, raw materials and auxiliary materials to be imported.
 9.Name list of members of the board of directors.
10.Other necessary documents needed by the approving authority. 

Required documents for joint venture and contractual joint venture

 1.Project application and letter of proposal for project establishment. 
 2.Owner's certificates of two parties. 
 3.Copies of business licenses of two parties. 
 4.Credit certificates issued by the account banks of two parties. 
 5.Report of feasibility study.
 6.Corporation contract and appendix.
 7.Name list of members of the board of directors.
 8.List of equipment, raw materials and auxiliary materials to be imported. 
 9.Other necessary documents needed by the approving authority

The procedure of examination and approval for foreign founded enterprises

 1.Project' s application, examination certificates.
 2.Examination & approval of contract and articles of association.
 3.Application and issue of ratification certificate.
4.Application and issue of business license.
5.Tax registration, custom registration and opening bank account
6.Handing over capital and its confirmation report
7.Starting business.    
 Ask whom
If you have any question,just pick up your phone ,call any of the following phone numbers or email at lsz@yingkou.net.cn, you will get your answer.




Yingkou Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-2998422 86-417-2998422
Yingkou Comprehensive Examination and Approval Office for Foreign-funded projects 86-417-2998452 86-417-2998452
Yingkou Foreign Investment Service Center 86-417-2998468 86-417-2998468
The Administrative Commission of Yingkou Economic and Technical Development Zone 86-417-6251500 86-417-6251028
The Administrative Commission of Yingkou Hi- Tech.Park 86-417-4801368 86-417-4801368
Yingkou Foreign Affairs Office 86-417-2998411 86-417-2998411
Yingkou Taiwan Affairs Office 86-417-2637866 86-417-2633946
Yingkou Planning Commission 86-417-2998531 86-417-2998531
Yingkou Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-2635754 86-417-2637827
Yingkou Planning and Construction Commission 86-417-2636481 86-417-2605086
Yingkou Science and  Technology Commission 86-417-2833747 86-417-2833747
Yingkou Agriculture Commission 86-417-2635646 86-417-2635646
Yingkou Public Facilities Bureau 86-417-3840159 86-417-3840181
Yingkou Industrial and Commercial Bureau 86-417-2832223 86-417-2832225
Yingkou Environment Protection Bureau 86-417-2833685 86-417-2833685
Dashiqiao Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-5612305 86-417-5625905
Gaizhou Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-7814409 86-417-7811142
Zhanqian District Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-3843087 86-417-3841988
Xishi District Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-4830607 86-417-4830644
Laobian District Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission 86-417-3865127 86-417-3865170

























Preferential Policy
 1. The status for the nationals is gradually given to foreign investors and foreign-funded enterprises. The foreign-funded enterprises registered in our city enjoy the same treatment as domestic-funded enterprises in respect of water supply, electricity supply, heat supply, gas supply, communication, traffic and other infrastructures as well as banking, commercial insurance, legal guarantee, labor force, information service, design, advertisement and so on, in addition to the relevant regulations made by the state and the province. Within the management power of our city, overseas people pays the same price as the local citizens in board and lodging , hospitalization, as well as buying tickets.
 2. 50% of the income tax, imposed after the following two years of the tax exemption stipulated by the state being ends up, will be returned to the enterprises ,that are newly formed and involved in agricultural
comprehensive development, agricultural products deep processing and urban infrastructure, by the same level financial authority year by year.                        
 3.Site use fees are exempted for 3 years for those projects that are encouraged to be developed in the 18 categories such as agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and the related industry, light industry, textile and so on mentioned in the "Guiding List for Foreign-Invested Industry" of the State. 
 4.The total sum of the imposed agricultural tax and special local product tax will be returned to foreign investors, who develop barren mountains, waste lands, undeveloped beaches and desolate waters, by the same level financial authority within 5 years gradually.
 5. 50% of the value added tax ,imposed by the local government within three years after its being put into operation , will be returned to the enterprises , that are newly formed productive joint-ventures, contractual
joint ventures and solely foreign funded enterprises with planning business period of more than 10 years, by the same level financing authority year by year.  
 6. The shortage part of necessary funds from Chinese party, in the foreign-fund utilization major project such as transplanting and transforming of local state-owned industrial enterprises, agriculture comprehensive development and township enterprises, can be supported by the city's technical renovation fund or the revolving fund for supporting agriculture and agriculture development fund.
 7.The local industrial enterprises use foreign capital for technical transplanting and transforming. The Chinese party contributes factory building as investment, the contract tax imposed will be returned to the joint venture by the same level financial authority; the Chinese party contributes the right to the use of site as investment, the local share of value added tax of site imposed will be returned to the Chinese party by the same level financial
 8. The total sum of the transferred income tax will be returned to the Chinese Party, who has formed a joint venture company or a contractual company by contributing patents, non-patent technology, trade marks, commercial reputation and other invisible assets as investment, by the same level financial authority.                    
 9. The Technical Renovation Fund ,approved by the relevant department, could cover the enterprises that introduce foreign advanced and special technology to develop new products; the local share of the value added tax , imposed within three years after the new products being put into production, will be returned by the same level financial authority year by year.        
10. Excepted the projects prohibited and restricted by the state, part or all of the property right of an enterprise
is allowed to be sold to foreign investors. The managing right of bridges , roads, docks and other public facilities are allowed to be transferred to foreign investors partially or completely, with the longest transferred time of 40 years.
11. Foreign investors, developing on dangerous house concentrated areas in the cities and towns, will enjoy the preferential policy (file No.21st in the year of 1997) issued by Liaoning Provincial Government on the shabby house reform; enjoy all preferential policy issued by Yingkou Municipal Government on "Urban Citizens' Housing Project". In addition, charges of 48 construction projects are cancelled in the light of the regulation made by the state council. The four local taxes ( tax of investment adjustment, business tax ,educational surtax, urban construction tax ) will be imposed at first and returned followed.
12. Foreign experts and scholars, who have established varieties of scientific research institutes, are exempted
from land acquisition service charges and management charges on leasing land. Those who carry out scientific, high and new technological development or produce high & new technological products in Yingkou could apply for the approval as a scientific and technological project . After being approved by Yingkou Science and Technology Commission. the scientific and technological projects could apply for special technical funds from the City, the Province and the State. The Key scientific and technological projects approved could apply for the special capital supply from the State and the Province.
13.The enterprises established in Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone can enjoy the preferential treatment of taxation offered for enterprises in the State-level Development Zone.
14.The enterprises established in Yingkou High-Tech Park can enjoy the state preferential polices on encouraging the development of high-tech industries.
15.The enterprises established in Districts and Development Areas in Yingkou can enjoy the relevant preferential polices .

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