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  Liaoning (Yingkou) Music Instrument Base

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Profile of the Liaoning (Yingkou) Musical Instrument Base

The Instrument manufacturing is one of the traditional industries of Yingkou. In Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, we have planned 230,000 square meters of land for the site of Yingkou Instrument Industry Base, with a total construction area of about 130,000 square meters. The musical instrument industry base includes industrial agglomeration area, cultural and creative areas, exhibition service area. Industry agglomeration area will be built in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, the planned area of 230,000 square meters, now 14 e musical instrument companies has settled in it, takes an area of 218,000 square meters with a total investment of 377 million yuan. To strengthen the function of supporting services of the industry agglomeration area, we will build musical instruments integrated services building, set the music instrument Inspection Station, the instrument public R & D platform, incubator, financing platform, net-trading platform, multi-service centers, and Museum of Musical Instruments. For securing the instrument product quality, we will rebuild anechoic chamber, the identification of rooms, environmental indicators testing room to meet modern standard requirement. We will also improve the function of the instrument logistics, spare parts supply. Cultural and creative areas is built in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, including musical instruments and cultural exchanges, education and training, musical instruments (music) experience, travel and leisure, Music Square, theme parks, music studios. The exhibition service area is in the Liaohe River Street, it will build a street for musical instrument products, part-sales and service.

History of  Yingkou musical instrument

Yingkou instrument manufacturing has nearly sixty years of history, is the traditional characteristic industry in Yingkou city. As one of the four instruments industry bases during the founding of the state, it has the very strong natural advantages, technological advantages and human resource advantage. In 1952, Shanghai, Suzhou, hundreds of instrument production workers of different kinds came to Yingkou from Shanghai and Suzhou cities, and made Yingkou become the famous musical instrument production base. A serial of products such as piano, organ, violin and harmonica, etc. registered happiness as their trade mark
happiness brand registered trademark for the piano, organ, violin and harmonica, etc. had been sold very well
in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions, favored by domestic and foreign customers, and made Yingkou be famous brand enterprises and famous brand product. After several generations of unremitting efforts and grind assiduously only, Yingkou instrument industry along with the economic boom, has become an indispensable important component of local economic growth and cultural night development.

Function platform

Musical instrument industry cluster platforms: To be equipped with a musical instrument manufacture, development, logistics, spare parts supply and other basic industry as the support, under the recovery of building the national light industry instrument quality supervision and inspection Yingkou station, to build musical instruments school,
musical instruments research and development manufacturing center, instrument logistics information center, instrument industry service center and trade exhibition center, become a scientific and technological resources of the cluster pilot area based on production, study and research, independent innovation, new product development ;

Instruments exhibition service platform: is a showcase of Yingkou musical instrument, let it fully play the role of its window function, to build one street for musical instruments products, accessories sales and after-sales service, and to make it the largest distribution center of musical instrument in Northeast China;
Culture creative industry platform: Being supported by performance, education, competition, tourism, leisure
and culture industry, to build Yingkou Musical Instruments Museum, cultural exchange center, education training center, Musical Instruments (music) experience center, cultural tourism leisure center, music square, theme parks and music studio, let it form a core cultural creative industry experimental area in music art creation and performance and training.

Preferential policies

Land policy: Enterprise in the zone can enjoy the lowest land price, and at the same time, during the construction period, land-use-tax at the taken by Yingkou and part retained by the zone will be all returned;

Financial support: Enterprise in the zone can enjoy s special funds subsidies from government, and get subsidies on interest payment on bank loans, the loan deposit free, etc., Yingkou city and coastal industry base
will provide comprehensive range of financial services for enterprises¡¯ long-term development;

Preferential tax: Enterprise in the zone can enjoy China revitalization policy for Northeast old industrial base, at
the same time enjoy the opening up to the outside policy issued by Liaoning provincial government for encouraging coastal key development area and the project policy issued by Liaoning province for the "five spots and line" coastal economic belt and policy given by each economic park, etc.

Fee deduction: The administrative-non-profit-making fees that involved with enterprise, besides the state, province and Yingkou have the rule to charge, and the rest will give free-change. For musical instrument manufacture enterprises, urban infrastructure matching fees will not be charged.

High-quality service: Give Liaoning (Yingkou) coastal industry base the municipal economic management
right. All projects in the zone, approval, filing, planning and environmental protection will be done by Liaoning (Yingkou) coastal industry base itself. Established the professional team, and provide a "one-stop" service for all company that are going into the zone.

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