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 Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base

China’s Liaoning Province is the cradle for China’s national industries; it is also the most important base for China’s petrol chemistry, steel, iron, raw material industries, space flight, ships, machines, automobiles and equipment manufacture. Liaoning Yingkou city is located in northeast China and on the circle of Bohai Sea with the best-comprehensive advantages of harbor and land. It is the most potential zone for economic growth. Since China’s government has called for the rejuvenation of northeast China and put forward the development strategy for circled-Bohai See, in order to permeate the spirit of Central Party, to speed up the coastal economic development and Liaoning whole rejuvenation, Liaoning, being as the heading province of northeast area and the important area of the circled Bohai Sea, put forward the significantly strategic steps on whole development of Dalian Changxing Island Port Related Industrial Zone, Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, Liaoning (western part) Jinzhou Bay Coastal Economic Zone(including Jinzhou Xihai Industrial Area and Huludao Beigang Industrial Area), Liaoning Dandong Industrial Zone, Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Zone and one coastal highway started from Huludao city and ended in  Dandong city, via Jinzhou city, Huludao city, Panjin city,Yingkou city, Dalian city, Dandong city(the short form of the above mention is called as “5 points and one line”) in circled Bohai Sea by CPC’s Liaoning committee and Liaoning people’s government. Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industries Base is one of the most extremely important steps in Liaoning’s rejuvenation and coastal development. CPC’s Liaoning committee and Liaoning people’s government pay highly attention to the building and the development of Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base and make it a key supported project as the answer to the development strategy proposed by Central Government. China State Development Bank will strongly support developments and constructions of Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base.

   1.   Yingkou Profile

(1). Special geographical position and favorable natural conditions

Yingkou city is one of the 14 cities that approved to be open up in the first group by the state, locates in the core area of northeast Asia’s economic circle and on northeast coast of the Liaodong Bay. The city is also located among Liaoning central cities’ economic zone and Liaodong peninsula economic zone, 160 kilometers away from Shenyang and Dalian, and less than 200 kilometers away from Taoxian International Airport in Shenyang and Zhoushuizi International Airport in Dalian as well. Yingkou has an almost average distance to Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong and Jinzhou; it has a special advantage on geographic position. Yingkou has two county level cities, Dashiqio and Gaizhou, and four districts, Bayuquan, Zhanqian, Xishi, Laobian. Among the four districts, Bayuquan district is a state level economic zone. Yingkou has the area of 5402 square kilometers, the population over 2.3 million.Yingkou is located at the warm north temperate zone, having a pleasant weather and annual average temperature is 9.8.                       

(2). Favorable harbor condition and the nearest seaway in northeast China                        

Yingkou ports is the nearest going-out-seaway for northeast hinterland, one of the 14 national key ports, and the second largest port in northeast China. We have two ports, Bayuquan and Yingkou old port. Now we are building the main port in Xianren Island, and planning the Beihai port. Yingkou Old Port is located in the main area of the city, and at the entrance of the Liaohe River. It is the earlier trading port since the year of 1862 in northeast China. Bayuquan Port, the main port of Yingkou city, is located in Yingkou Economic Development Zone with full functions such as container docks, ore docks, steel docks, grain docks, automobile docks etc. We started to build the deep-water docks, including 0.3 million tons crude oil dock, in Xinaren Island in the year of 2005. Now we have 27 docks, among which 18 docks in Bayuquan, 9 docks in Yingkou Old Port. Yingkou port ranks among the top ten ports. The handling capacity of the ports in the year 2006 is estimated to be 95 million tons, and containers more than one million TEU. The handling capacity in the year of 2007 will reach up to 100 million tons. So far, the liners of internal container trade covers Shanghai, Tianjing, Ningbo and all ports along the coast. By the year of 2005, the freight volume of internal container trade in Yingkou port is ranked the third of the top fives

(3) Better hinterland condition and strong mutual economic support

The economic hinterlands of Yingkou city are Liaoning province, Jilin province, Heilongjiang province, other three leagues and one city in Inner Mongolia, and the circled Bohai Sea. The three provinces in northeast China are the key provinces in China’s heavy industry. They have rich resources, good industrial foundation. The outputs of steel and oil reach the top. Automobile industry and equipment manufacture play a very important role in China. Now, the vehicle production ability of the three provinces in northeast China is over 1.8 millions sets, 0.45 million sets of vehicles are from Liaoning. Yingkou city, being back supported by Liaoning central cities, could reach other seven industrial cities (Shenyang, Anshan, Fusun, Benxi, Yingkou, Liaoyang and Tieling) within 150 kilometer in diameter, so it is the core zone in Liaoning economy.

   (4). Good infrastructure and rich economic resources

a. Convenient transportation. Yingkou is one of the most development land transportation cities in China. It has one railway; ten highways pass by the city, among them 2 express highways and 2 national highways. The total length of the highway is 2150 kilometers. Yingkou can connect the northeast provinces, Inner Mongolia and some other provinces through the land transportation net of railway and high way

b. Stable power supply

Yingkou has a large fire and electricity power plant. The capacity of power generating will reach up to 1.84 million kilowatts when the extended projects finished in the year of 2006. The third phase project is planed to build 2 x 1 million generating sets. Yingkou now is building one 500 kilovolt and 9 x 220 kilovolt power transformer stations. It can meet the need of the sustainable economic growth by the increase of the capacity of the power generating.

  c. Rich waterpower resources

By the end of 2010, Yingkou’s general water supply is 1.2 million cubic miters a day. There is 0.6 million cubic meter of surplus water waiting for further use. It can meet the need of the economic growth.                            

d. Rich land resources

Yingkou is rich in land resources. Especially the land in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base is the state owned property. The land will be sold as a whole after roads, electricity, communications, tap water, sewers have been finished and flat land has been made. The price will be competitive.

e. Good natural resources

Yingkou is rich in mineral products, lumbers, grains, coals, fruits, aquatic products, etc. Yingkou is rich in natural resources, which makes Yingkou have an important economic position and potential development.                                         

The magnesite reserve, among the 32 kinds of minerals explored in Yingkou, is one of the four largest magnesite reserves in the world. Dashiqiao, the magnesite metropolis of China, is located in the east part of Yingkou City. The reserves of talcum, boron, feldspar, silicon and gold are ranked on the top in China. The reserve of oil and natural gas is also very rich.                  

f. Human Resources:

More than 500,000 industrial workers and 100,000 different categories’ technicians are working in different fields. Each year there are more than 30,000 graduated students entering the labor market.                                         

g. Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base joins the main area of Yingkou city. The infrastructure, public facilities, social resources can give a direct support to the Base.

(5). Better industrial foundation and strong holding capacity for industries

Yingkou is one of the fast-economic-growth areas in northeast China. It has 4 thousands enterprises, and 40 industrial sectors, such as metallurgy, petroleum and chemicals, machines, construction materials, magnesian materials, spinning and weaving, light industry, pharmacy, and electronics. Yingkou also have more than 800 kinds of industrial products, main products are more than 170 kinds, such as “Panpan Security Door”, “ the cigarette of People’s Hall”, “Nordisca” grand piano, etc. Printing and dying ranks the first in Liaoning; Cotton spinning and weaving capacity ranks on the top; Machine process capacity ranks the fifth in Liaoning.

Metallurgy industry mainly contains steel-making, special medium steel plate. A project of 10 million tons’ steel making from Anshan Steel (group) Co. has moved to Yingkou, the project is under construction. China Minerals Corporation is enlarging its steel making capacity from 3 million tons to 5 million tons and one 2 million tons’ wide and thick plate project. After the 11th five - year plan, it will become a base with 20 million tons steel making capacity and fine steel products production. Petrochemical industry mainly contains oil refining, heavy road asphalt, high efficient catalyzer, Cyanuric Chloride[CNCl3] and all kinds of machine oils, etc. The famous internal petrochemical corporation is preparing to build a heavy road asphalt project and commercial storage projects for crude oil and processed oil. During the 11th five-year plan, we push to plan an important port related petrochemical base around Bohai Sea on the leading production of ethane, aromatic hydrocarbon, propylene and the terminal products of fine chemicals, and build and produce their following series of fine chemical products at the same time. Equipment manufacture industry mainly contains metallurgical equipment, mineral heavy equipment, ship repairing and building, digital control machines, auto parts, etc. China Metallurgy Jingcheng Engineering Technology Corp.’s Yingkou base is now under construction, and the project of special vehicles for 20 thousand sets is also under construction. During the 11th five-year plan, we still plan to build some other bases such as metallurgy and heavy equipment bases, new type construction materials, refractory base, etc. In light industry, we plan to develop the main products such as music instruments, home appliances, cigarettes, paper making, beverage, printing and dying, garments, fiber, cotton spinning and weaving, etc.

Yingkou is one of the earliest cities that took the economic reform in northeast China. More than 90% of the companies in Yingkou are private. The rate of its general output value takes 64%. The total output value of non-state owned enterprises takes 87%. Yingkou is one of the most active places for private economy in northeast China.

    2.   The plan for Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base

(1). General orientation and components                 

Liaonign (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base is an important part of Yingkou Coastal Economic Zone, located in the southern part of the existing city. It is a port related ecological industrial zone with integration of products and projects; logistics transportation; environmental protection and services.  Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base contains Yingkou Xianren Island Energy and Chemicals Industrial Zone, Yingkou Metallurgy and Heavy Equipment Industrial Zone, and the main area of industrial base.                

(2).  Industry distribution

2-1. Location and Area: From Qinghua Street in the north to the mouth of Daqing River’s north branch in the south; From Zuanglin Road in the east to the coastal line in the west.

Controlled planning area: 120 square kilometers, among: 78 square km for industrial use; 18 square kilometers for commercial use; 24 square kilometers for roads, public facilities, green land and water land, etc. The land will be developed in three phrases: 1st phrase: 40 square kilometers (among: 25 square kilometers for industrial use; 10 square kilometers for commercial use; 5 square kilometers for roads, public facilities, etc.); 2nd phrase: 40 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 40 square kilometers. The base is divided into 9 functions parts of fine chemicals, plastics, equipment manufacture, export processing trade, biological engineering, garments, new materials, automatic apparatus and meters, micro electrics and renovation park.                                     

Guiding industries: Highly processed raw material industry, equipment manufacture industry, spinning and weaving garment industry, high tech industry and the modern services formed for the base.                 

2-1-1 Fine chemicals and plastic products                     

Planned area: 15 square kilometers, among; 1st phrase: 9 square kilometers; 2nd phrase: 3 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 3 square kilometers.                        

Guiding industries: paintings, dying materials, surfactants, and other artificial material accelerators, oil additives, the chemicals for papermaking. New plastic packing products, plastic products for agricultural use, engineering plastic products, plastic construction products, plastic daily-used products and so on.

    2-1-2 Equipment manufacture area                        

Planned area: 22 square kilometers, among; 1st phrase: 7 square kilometers; 2nd phrase: 7 square kilometers; 3rd phrase; 8 square kilometers; in the area equipment manufacture, there is 5 square kilometers for auto parts industry.                   

Guiding industries: Small and medium sized special watercrafts, necessary products for watercrafts, auto parts and whole vehicle producing, machines, special equipment for chemical use and metallurgical use, environmental protection equipment, and other kinds of general and special equipment and parts.              

2-1-3. Export-processing trade area                        

Planned area: 8 square kilometers, among; 1st phrase: 2 square kilometers; 2nd phrase: 3 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 3 square kilometers.                          

Guiding industries: Exported trades of machines, engines, garments, and agricultural products.

2-1-4. Biological engineering area                        

Planned area: 6 square kilometers, among: 1st phrase: 1 square kilometer; 2nd phrase: 2 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 3 square kilometers.                          

Guiding industries: Biological engineering, medical intermediates, ocean biological medicines, biological agriculture, etc.

2-1-5. Garments area

Planned area: 8 square kilometers, among: 1st phrase: 2 square v; 2nd phrase: 3 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 3 square kilometers.                                      

Guiding industries: High class garments and clothe; medium class garments; natural color cotton garments and other high class clothe.

   2-1-6. New material processing area                       

Planned area: 6 square kilometers, among: 1st phrase: 1 square kilometer; 2nd phrase: 2 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 3 square kilometers.                           

Guiding industries: Electronic information materials; nature-changed materials; nano- materials; new-typed function materials, etc.                                  

2-1-7. Automatic apparatus and meters area

Planned area: 6 square kilometers, among: 1st phrase: 1 square kilometer; 2nd phrase: 3 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 2 square kilometers.

Guiding industries: apparatus for industrial automatic control system; apparatus and meters for electricians, calculating and measuring apparatus, meters and general meters manufacturing, apparatus and meters used by vehicles.

2-1-8. Information industry area

Planned area: 6 square kilometers, among: 1st phrase: 1 square kilometer; 2nd phrase: 3 square kilometers; 3rd phrase: 2 square kilometers.

Guiding industries: all kinds of electronic elements, massive integrate circuits, design, manufacture, communications products system development and equipment manufacturing, software development and platform operation, public software and system, etc.

2-1-9. Renovation Park

Planned area: 1 square km, it will be done in the first phrase.

Guiding industries: Supply all service for the achievements transfers for software, microelectronics, biological medicine, new materials, etc.

   2-2.  Xianren Island Energy and Chemical Area

Location: From Xiongyue River in the north to Fudu River in the south; From Shenyang-Dalian express high way in the east to the Bohai coast in the west.

Controlled planning area: 100 square kilometers, among: 75 square kilometers land area, 25 square kilometers from the sea backfill. It is divided into the harbor area, the energy storage area, the petrochemical process area and some other function areas. 40 square kilometers for the harbor area, 5 square kilometers for warehouse area and 55 square kilometers for petrochemical area. By the end of 2020, the developing area will be 60 square kilometers, among: 40square kilometers for harbor and 20 square kilometers for petrochemical processing.

Guiding industries: Including the construction of crude oil docks, LNG docks, the construction of tank area for crude oil, processed oil, LPG, and liquid chemicals and the products related to oil refining, ethane, etc.

    2-2-1. Harbor area

Planned area: 40 square kilometers, among: 25 square kilometers from ocean backfill, 15 square kilometers from land area. One deep-water crude oil dock for 0.3 million tons, the annual capacity is 15 million tons; one LNG dock for 0.1 million tons, the annual capacity is 3 million tons. 2 liquid chemical docks for 80 thousand tons in the starting period, 2 processed oil docks for 50 thousand tons, and 1 coal dock for 50 thousand tons.

   2-2-2. Energy storage area

Planned area is 5 square kilometers, which is divided into crude oil tank area, processed oil tank area, LNP tank area and liquid chemical tank area. The annual storage capability is 12 million tons of crude oil and LNP and liquid chemical, among: 8 million tons for crude oil, 2 million tons for processed oil, and 1 million tons for liquid chemicals.

   2-2-3.  Petrochemical processing area

Planned area is 55 square kilometers, the starting area is 20 square kilometers, divided into oil refining area, ethane producing area, alkenes producing area, aromatic hydrocarbon producing area, polyester producing area, engineering producing area, plastic processing area, and fine chemical processing area, etc.

   2-3.   Metallurgy and heavy equipment industrial area

Location: the southward of the liusan Road, on the saltpan.

Planned area: 30 square kilometers.

Guiding industries: Steel and iron, steel and iron deep processing, metallurgy and heavy equipment for mines, etc.

Preferential Polices for enterprises registered in Liaoning (Yingku) Coastal   Industrial Base             

1. Taxations police                                   

(1). The financial and taxation preferential polices issued for introducing investments by the state, liaoning province and Yingkou city will be adopted in Liaoning (Yingku) Coastal Industrial Base. The preferential polices issued for economic technologic zones and high-tech zones will also be adopted in the base.

(2). Enterprises’ income tax for productive foreign-founded enterprises started from profits making year will be exempt for the first two years, halved for it from the third to fifth year, if the business running period is over 10 years. After period of the taxation exemption and reduction is over, 40% of the paid income tax collected by local authorities within 3 years will be awarded to enterprises that have the amount of fixed assets between 1000-5000 million Yuan. When the investment amount of fixed asset is over 5000 million Yuan, 50% of the paid income tax collected by local authorities within 5 years will be awarded to enterprises.

(3). By application and being approved by taxation organizations, foreign investors of foreign-founded enterprises will get 40 % paid income tax refund, if they use the profits gained from the enterprises to reinvest in the same enterprise, to increase the registered capital or to use it as capital to form other enterprises. The business period of the enterprise should not be less than 5 years. If the reinvestment is less than 5 years, they should return the refund-tax back. If the state council has the additional preferential police it will be handled according to.

(4). Products exported foreign founded enterprises could halve the income tax in accordance with taxation laws and regulations, when the term of tax abatement and reduction ended and the exported products value is up to the 70% of its total value at the same year. But the lowest tax rate is not less than 10%.

(5). Sino-foreign founded enterprises that dealing with dock construction could reduce and pay the income tax with the rate of 15%. Enterprises that operated for more than 15 years are exempt from enterprises’ income tax for the first five years started from the year gained profits, and halve the income tax from the sixth year to the tenth year after the application and approved by province-level taxation bureaus.

(6). Depreciation period of fixed assets (houses and building are not included) for industrial enterprises can be shortened based on the existed depreciation period in accordance with the rate of not more than 40%. Intangible capacity assigned and invested by industrial enterprises can be apportioned on the current rules and regulations, the shorted period can not be 40% higher than that of the existing time.

(7). The import tax paid for the amount used for purchasing fixed assets in the sectors of equipment manufacture, metallurgy industry, watercraft manufacture, auto manufacture, process for agricultural products, can be deducted for general tax payers.

(8). Tariff and import value increased tax are exempt from Chinese- founded projects and using foreign loan projects, which are encouraged in the [Guiding index of industrial pattern regulation (2005version)], the equipment imported for self use within the amount of the total investment, (including the equipment and parts listed in the contract), except goods listed in the [index for non duty-free goods for Chinese-founded projects]. Foreign founded projects marked with encouraged and forbade B in the [Guiding index for foreign invested industries], equipment and machinery imported for self use within the total investment amount, (including the equipment and parts listed in the contract), the tariff and import value added tax are exempt, except the goods listed in the [index for non duty-free goods for foreign-founded projects].

(9). 40% of the internal equipment investment for technical renovation that meet the need of the State industrial police will be deducted from the previous newly increased enterprises’ income tax compared with purchasing year. If the increased income tax is not enough for deduction, the amount of the non-deducted investment will be continuously deducted in the following enterprise’s income tax, but the deduction period could not be lasted for more than 5 years. Enterprises registered in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, after being confirmed and approved as high-tech enterprise by some certain organizations, can pay their income tax on the rate of 15%.

(10). Chinese founded enterprises registered in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base will have 15% rate on income tax.

(11). Chinese founded high-tech enterprises registered in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base will have 2 years exemption of income tax since the enterprise starts to make profits.

(12). Practical technical renovation expenditures for high-tech products will be deducted before paying the enterprise’s income tax. If practical technical renovation expenditures are 10% (including 10%) higher than the previous year’s increase, it can be deducted from that year’s enterprise’s income tax on the rate of 50% of the practical expenditure. If the annual net income of technical transfer is lower than 0.3 million Yuan, it is exempt from income tax temporarily.

(13). Encourage the development of soft wares and integrated industries. After general value-added tax payers pay the value-added tax on the sale of self produced soft wares in accordance with the lawful rate of 17%, if the paid practical value- added tax is 3% over than the lawful rate, the over-paid percentage will be refunded.

(14). Besides the primary planned products, any other product made by enterprises using left-over materials listed in the [resources general usage index] as main materials during the production, such as massive coal gangues, slag, dust powder, etc, enterprises can have 5 years exemption of income tax since the first day of production after the approval. Enterprises formed for using wasted materials listed in [resources general usage index] from other enterprises can have a year’s exemption or reduction of income tax after the approval.

(15). Foreign-founded projects encouraged by Yingkou city, after having been Confirmed and approved by organizations, could get another three years income tax exemption, when the first 7 years income tax exemption concluded, started from the first profits gaining year.

(16). Enterprises’ profits used as reinvestments, registered-capital increase or used as share capital to form other enterprises in Yingkou area, the enterprises could get 50% paid income tax refund for the amount used for reinvestment. The enterprises should not be operated for less than 5 years.

(17). The foreign-founded logistics enterprises offering storage and transportation services for clients by using their own transportation tools and storage apparatus can enjoy the taxation police issued for productive foreign enterprises in the base.

(18). One hundred thousand Yuan RMB will be awarded to enterprises, If each capital increase put in the account will be over 1000 million Yuan RMB at one time.

(19). Non-productive enterprises that pay the local tax over 10 million Yuan RMB for continuous 5 years.  50% of the actual paid local tax will be awarded to the enterprises started from 2 years ahead of the fiscal year. 15% of it will be awarded to the enterprises from the third to the fifth year. 

(20). Enterprises that have a large industrial lot development, when it meets the requirements, and the total paid tax is reached up to 10 billion Yuan RMB by all enterprises in the lot in one tax year, and started from this year, 10% of the local tax collected from enterprises in the development area will be awarded to the enterprises that developed the lot for within 5 years.

(21). Foreign people do not pay the income tax for share interests, bonus gained from foreign-founded enterprises.

   2.   Fiscal and Financial Polices

(22). Liaoning Credit Guarantee Center for Small and Medium sized enterprises will give priority to the guarantee for banks’ loans that are going to be used for enterprises registered in the base.

(23). The finance from province level will give priority of interest deduction for a certain time to enterprises that have technological renovations in following sectors, such as equipment manufacture, raw material process, fine chemicals, deep process for agricultural products, spin and weave, pharmacy and service sectors in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base.

(24). Fees spent by enterprises registered in the base for ISO quality certification, products promotion, marketing, attending international exhibition, the international markets development fund for small and medium sized enterprises will give strongly financial help for above mentioned.

(25). Strongly help will be given to exported related foreign trade enterprises. The foreign trade development fund of northeast old industrial base will give inclination to enterprises on purchasing intellectual properties, exported-products improvement, new-products research and development, external registration for products, information release, development and cultivation of agricultural products. 

(26). Foreign banks and guarantee service companies that enter Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base will get 2 hundred thousand Yuan for start fee.

   3. Charge Polices

(27). Abolish fees of the special fund for new type wall materials, and special fund for bulk cement, etc.

4. Opening Policy

(28). Foreign investors are encouraged to join in the reform of the state owned enterprise in the way of purchase, buying stock etc., of which the tax, original state owned enterprise owed in history confirmed hard to be returned, could be exempt by the approval of   the State Council according to the regulations. Foreign invested joint-stock companies that meet the requirements are supported to enter the capital market both at home and abroad.

(29). Foreign invested enterprise is allowed to buy bad credits and stocks from financial property management companies, and make a recombination and management on the capitals they have.

(30). After foreign investors buying the state owned enterprise, the new foreign owned enterprise is supposed to be treated as same as the national one in labor, unemployment for economy reason, social security, insurance, etc. according to laws, regulations, and systems issued by the state

(31). We would establish a sound system for purchasing and buying stock, offer the convenient and normative environment for foreign investors. Foreign investors buying state owned enterprise, it should be evaluated according to the relevant laws and policies in China, the price of the property should be fixed according to the records put up by certain organization or authorized property evaluations.

(32). Positively guide foreign investors to put the money on the state’s key development projects such as modernized agriculture, equipment manufacturing, chemical industry, new high-tech industry, agricultural products processing, etc. Quickly develop the necessary industry mentioned above. Make the industrial base be a more competitive and modern one. The distribution of the above-mentioned projects from the state will be inclined northeast area. Import of important technology and equipment will get policy credit support. Capital proportion of key projects can be properly lowered by approvals. For foreign invested key projects of the national debt approved by the State, the amount of loan discount, subsidy and the capital money subsidy will be kept unchanged. After the approval, it could be added as the Chinese state owned shareholding.

(33). Liaoning Province is in < The List of Foreign Invested Advantage Industries in Middle and Western Part>; the projects tallying with the listed enjoy the preferential policy for the tax of imported.

(34). Multinational Corporations are encouraged to set up the research development center in the way of foreign owned or the joint venture with the local enterprise, research institute or colleges and universities. Except that it enjoys the preferential policy given by < The Notice about the Adjustment of the Tax Policy by the State Council for Equipment Imported > (State Council 1997 No.37) and <The Notice by the State Council Office to the Foreign Economy and Trade Organizations about the Notice of Encouraging Foreign Investment> (State Council 1999 No. 73). It can also enjoy the exempting from tariff and imported value added tax on China-could-not-made consuming materials, reagent, sample machine, sample product, etc that be used by the authorized foreign invested research center according to the present regulations

(35). Foreign investors are encouraged to invest in urban public facilities. Under the conditions of building up effective supervision system, assurance of public profits and public safety, the limits for foreign investment could be widened on the following sectors: gas, heating, the net system of tap water and drainage for foreign investments. Foreign investors can take a large proportion of shareholding in the project by approval.

(36). It will give priorities of permit to foreign Banks to set up office or open the business in northeast area. Foreign finances are welcome to hold shares in local commercial banks or to reorganize, to recombine the rural credit cooperatives. Foreign insurance companies with advantages of annuity, agricultural insurance, etc. are encouraged to the northeast area. It should give priorities of permit to set up foreign-founded securities companies by the ways of joint- venture, securities investment fund management companies, insurance management companies and foreign insurance companies in this area.

(37). By approval, the limit of share-holding proportion could be widened in the trades of railway passenger and cargo transportation, land transportation across borders, scheduled or nonscheduled marine transportation, container transportation, etc. Foreign investments are encouraged in aviation transportation and general aviation industry.

(38). Vocational education training services cooperatively formed and invested with foreign investors are encouraged. According to <The Statute of Sino-Foreign Running School of P.R.China>, senior vocational educational training services, cooperated with foreign investors and Chinese colleges and universities or vocational education organizations to train vocational technical person and international businessmen in all categories, enjoy the same education organizations treatment at home, except the other regulations if there is.

(39). Form and perfect the service system for small and medium sized enterprises to import foreign investments. Encourage foreign investors to form guarantee organization in the way of joint venture, offering special financing guarantee, information consultation, and the legal aids for small and medium sized enterprises.

   5. Reward Polices

(40). 200,000.00 Yuan subsidy will be awarded once to the enterprise when it has been approved as the state-level technology research and development center; 50,000.00 Yuan subsidy will be awarded to once, when it has been approved as the province-level technology research and development center; 30,000.00 Yuan subsidy will be awarded once to, when it has been approved as city-level technology research and development center.

(41). 1 million Yuan subsidy will be awarded once to enterprises that have gained famous product in China. 200,000.00 Yuan subsidy will be awarded once to the enterprises that have newly gained a famous brand in China and inspection- free for its product. 100,000.00 Yuan subsidy will be awarded once to the enterprise for its newly gained Provincial famous product. 50,000.00 Yuan subsidy will be awarded once for its Provincial famous brand. In the same year, the enterprise would not be given the subsidy for twice if it has gained 2 or more titles, the subsidy will be awarded according to the maximum amount just once.

(42). For enterprises that gained Provincial new and excellent products: 30,000.00 Yuan bounty once for first prize, 20,000.00 Yuan bounty once for second prize, 10,000.00 Yuan bounty once for third prize (each product can only have one time reward, just take the maximum amount).

(43). For enterprises that gained Provincial new and excellent products: 30,000.00 Yuan bounty once for first prize, 20,000.00 Yuan bounty once for second prize, 10,000.00 Yuan bounty once for third prize (each product can only have one time reward, just take the maximum amount.

(44). Senior qualified persons hired by enterprise in the base enjoy all kinds of polices issued for Yingkou well trained workers

(45). Investors and their employees, who want to register for households, have medical treatment, buy insurances, vehicles, and houses and have kids going to school and working, enjoy the same treatment as townsfolk of Yingkou.

(46). Enterprises registered in the industrial base enjoys fully completed infrastructures such as road, power, communications, tap water, sewer and flat land, according to the general plan and controllable detail plan.

(47). Qualities and prices of the project construction materials for enterprises in the base enjoy as same as qualities and prices confirmed by bidding for building the infrastructures.

(48). Inspectors in all kinds of sectors cannot enter to inspect enterprises in the base without the permission of the administration committee, exempt the reported case and assisted investment case. In principle, inspections to each enterprise could not be more than once every year.

(49). General cases of complains from investors should be solved within 10 working days, the annual case ending rate should be more than 95%; difficult cases should be solved within 45 days, the annual case ending rate should be more than 90%.

   The Bright Future of Liaoning (Yingkou) Industrial Base

Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, 120 square kilometers planned area, is located close to the existed city ,the planned area is started from Qinghua Street from the  north , to the Da Qing He River in the south, and the whole area from Zhuanglin Road toward west up to the seashore. It has a stronger support of the city. It has 25 kilometers away from Bayuquan Port in the south, and 8 kilometers from the Yingkou Old Port. The place is equipped with convenient ocean shipment and freely flowing with logistics. The construction of the fully functional hundred-million tons port will give a push for the development of the project. Supported by the port, the advantage of developing intensively and in scale of port related industries and modern process manufacturing industry is very clear. It’s also a best place of the gradient transfer both for external and internal heave chemical industry.
  Yingkou is located just between Shenyang and Dalian cities; it is a connection point of the two cities. It could receive the double radiation from the two cities. It could take part in the division of labor force, reach the mutual complementarities and form the system. And also it could be established as a supporting point between Shenyang-Dalian golden economic bands.

According to the master plan, the overall arrangement for industries in Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industry Base will be closely following the “3 points and 1 line” development and construction , meet the needs of the adjustment and development of the industrial structure and fully use the double opportunities of the development of Bohai circle and the revitalizing Northeast China. With the support of Yingkou port, area location, land and the foundation of the hinterland industries, we will focus on the development of advanced equipment manufacture, spin and weave garments, electron equipment, modern logistics, biological pharmacy, agricultural and aquatic products processing and new materials etc. Simultaneously, to foster Yingkou’s new key industries, to promote the integrate competition capability during the great adjustment of industrial structure and new strategic arrangement.

The rate of the land using is 45: 20: 35. That is to allocate 54 kilometers for industrial use, 24 kilometers for commercial use, and 42 kilometers for the usage of road traffic, landscape and waterscape, and public facilities.


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