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 Yingkou Hi-teck Industrial Developmet Zone

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Yingkou Hi-teck Industrial Developmet Zone

Yingkou Hi-teck Industrial Developmet Zone ,approved by Liaoning People's Government, located at Bohai Avenue in the city is a provincial-level hi- tech industry development zone. Its planned area is 5.24 square kilometers. At present, the Park can provide all the necessary facilities for the need of investors .
Inside the Park, foreign-funded enterprises are all in the fields of intensive technology , intensive knowledge, lower energy consumption and non-pollution. Both Chinese and foreign businessmen are especially encouraged to invest in the Park in dealing with electrical machinery, information, raw materials, new energy and bioengineering.
Enterprises in the Park can enjoy all the preferential policies offered by the State for the state-level, new hi-tech industrial development zones and national economic and technological development zones. Meanwhile, they can also enjoy a series of preferential policies offered by Yingkou People's Municipal Government.

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 Preferential Policy  
1. TYingkou Hi-teck Industrial Developmet Zone enjoys all kinds of preferential policy issued for the State level Hi-Teck Development Zone and the provincial level Hi-Teck Industrial Development Zone

2. In the Hi-Teck Zone, the newly formed hi-teck enterprises, from the year of being put into production, are exempt from income tax for two years, and will be imposed on the reduced rate of 15% afterwards

3. In the Hi-Teck Zone, the newly formed enterprises, from the date of being put into production, enjoy
continuously three years local value added tax refund by the financial authority of the Hi-Teck Zone

4. In the Hi-Teck Zone, the non hi-teck enterprises confirmed by both Yingkou Science and Technologies Commission and Hi-Teck Administrative Commission, that are involving in hi-teck products, innovative products and invented products on the basis of the imported hi-teck, will have the newly added partial income tax, the local share of the value added tax refunded within three years by the financial authority of the Hi-Teck Zone, since its being put into production

5. The productive foreign enterprises with a term of more than ten years are exempt from enterprise income tax for the first two years from the date of gaining profit, halve to pay the enterprise income tax for the third to fifth years; the confirmed hi-teck enterprises will have the income tax refunded on the rate of 50% for another three years and the local share of the value added tax refunded within three years.

6. The non hi-teck enterprises with an average labor productivity of being more than 100,000 Yuan per person, and the average profit of being 10,000 Yuan per person will enjoy the treatment as hi-teck enterprises.

7.In the Hi-Teck Zone, the newly formed IT industry and the enterprise of interflow of commodities will have all the paid income tax refunded within two years from the year of gaining profits.

8. Enterprises that enter the Hi-Teck Zone are exempt from the industrial facility fee, development facility fee, public facility fee, civil air defense fee, wasted soil dump fee, civil works demolishing fund. The administrative commission of the Hi-Teck Zone will collect the infrastructure facility fee. The rest of the fees will be collected by a certain authority appointed by the administrative of the Hi-Teck Zone on the rate of 50%.

9. Enterprises permitted to be established in the Hi-Teck Zone are exempt from the site-using fee for three years. 

10. The hi-teck incubated projects that enter the Innovation Service Center and the Innovation Park of the Overseas Chinese Students are exempt from the rent of the properly occupied area that used for developing in the first year, halve to pay the rent in the second year, pay 70% of the rent in the third year. More preference will be offered upon requirement.
It is negotiable for enterprises to have special requirements.
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What to Do

We hire agents and trust agencies for introducing investment
Yingkou Hi-teck Park hires agents and trust agencies for introducing investment, projects, and intellectuals. Those who has introduced investment into the production field will get 5”ėcommission based on the actual input of the capital, but the input of the running capital is not included; Those who has introduced debt capital with non- government's guarantee (The introducing of running capital is included) with over three years' term of usage will get 4”ė commission based on the actual input of the capital. It's welcome to discuss in details.

The Infrastructure 

In order to accelerate the construction of the Hi-teck Park, Yingkou Municipal Government has decided to cooperate with some capable investment companies, foundations and financial groups (herein after referred to as Party B) to jointly develop the Hi-teck Park. That is: the Hi-teck Park offers an area of one square kilometer as one developing lot to the enterprise that can build a hi-teck company by himself or to the Party B who can introduce several hi-teck enterprises into the Park for 50 years without any compensation. And the Party B will be in charge of the construction of infrastructure such as road paving, water supply, sewer, power and communication. Do make the lot ready to construct or to sell. (Cost: Approximately 50 Yuan / per square metre). Then the Party B could sell the lot to Chinese and foreign investors, and the Party B takes all benefits. But three years after it having been approved, the Party B has to develop not less than 50% of the lot either by itself or by introducing investment.
The infrastructure in Yingkou Hi-teck Industrial Development Zone ( herein after referred to as Yingkou Hi-teck Park) has been fully completed, such as the roads have been paved, the water line and sewer line have
been connected, the power has been hooked up, the communication is available and the land is flat.The charge for land transfer is 50 Yuan per square meter
( Approximately 6 U.S. Dollars Per Square Meter), including the infrastructure's facilities.
Power :The power for the industrial usage is 0.46Yuan/kwh; for the civil is 0.35 Yuan/kwh.
Water: The capacity of water supply is 80,000 tons daily. The water price for the industrial usage is 2.36 Yuan per ton; for the civil usage is 1.5 Yuan per ton.

Sewer: The sewer line in the Park has been connected to the urban sewer line already.
Heating: The heating power plant is under construction, which can provide 120 tons per hour for collective heating.
Communication: GSM globe mobile system is available in the City.
Roads: We have 10km paved roads in the Park.    

The Hi-teck 

1. Integrated Optics-Mechanics-Electricity: Including laser parts and materials, laser applied technology, intelligent machines and equipment, CAD/CAM/CATӢcomputer integrated making system (CIMS), industrial process control technology and its products.

2. Electric information: Including electric computer, peripheral equipment, computer soft ware and information handling techniques, computer communication network system, electric apparatus and the apparatus for special uses.

3. New materials: Including new type of metal materials and processing know-hows, new type of non-metal materials and processing know-hows and compound materials etc. 

4. Fine chemicals: including liquid crystal display materials piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials, special reagents, super purified substances, adhesives, new type highly effective catalyst, and special dopes.

5.Energy saving and environment protection: Including new energy techniques and its products, highly effective energy saving techniques and its products, new type environment protection equipment, and the new techniques for environmental projects etc. 

6.The biophamacy: Including new type preparation, new type therapeutical medicine, and the raw materials for new medicine.
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The Administration

Administrative committee, they have set 4 bureaus and 1 general office.
Investment Introducing Bureau
 Land Planning and Management Bureau
 Finance and Taxation Bureau
 Industrial and Commercial administrative bureau
 General Office
The Innovation Center

The Innovation Building
Yingkou Hi-Teck Innovation Service Center was established in Dec.1996, and is subject to the administrative committee of Yingkou Hi-Teck Industrial Development Zone. The Innovation Center is a place for scientists and technicians to realize the transforming of their scientific research achievements, and the public service organization to provide integrated service for scientific and technological enterprises and small hi-teck enterprises.

The Innovation Center holds an area of 6800 square meters for incubating,and has an Overseas Chinese Students Innovation Park. The hi-teck incubated projects that enter the Innovation Service Center and the Overseas Chinese Students Park are exempt from the rent in the first year, halve to pay the rent in the second year, and pay only 70 % of the total rent in the third year. More preference will be offered upon the situation.

Tel: 86-417-4801368


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