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  Guo Mao Hotel                                                                        

Guo Mao Hotel is located in the center of the city. It has 98 sets of rooms with luxurious decorations and designs. Besides the regular service, it also provides some other service such as safety box, internet, bars, Chinese food, western food and Japanese food.
Food order£º0417-2656666¡¢0417-2656662
Address£ºNo.1, East Xinxing Street Zhan Qian Distric Yingkou City
Postal Code£º115000

  Yingkou Hualian Mansion

Located at downtown of the city, Yingkou Hualian Mansion is a large-sized multi-functioned and modern state-owned commercial retail enterprise integrated with shopping, catering, recreation and board and lodging. It won 15 honorable titles awarded by the state, the province and the city.
Tel: 86-417-2997860 

 Yingkou International Hotel

Yingkou International Hotel is a Sino-foreign joint-venture hotel built according to 3-star standard. Sitting at the bank of Liaohe River, with beautiful surroundings, the hotel has complete functions and is the ideal place of board and lodging and recreation for the Chinese and foreign guests.
Tel: 86-417-2992100  

Yingkou Continental Hotel

Yingkou Continental Hotel is a hotel related with overseas decorated according to 3-star standard. Its total building area is 6000 square meters. The designing and decoration for its interior are luxurious and elegant and typical of European style. With its excellent service, the hotel is a best place for business, tourism, visit, vacation and so on.

 Tel:86-417-3810601 ;    Fax:86-417-3810601

Yingkou Lantian Water Paradise

Covering an area of 4000 square meters, Yingkou Lantian  Water Paradise is the only large-scale indoor entertainment place, integrated with swimming and recreation in south Liaoning. There are 5 swimming pools varying from depth of water, which can meet swimmer's demand. There are also other recreation items such as slide, roller-skating, billiards    and so on.


Yingkou Mando Hotel

Yingkou Mando Hotel is a foreign-funded enterprise invested by Macao Mando Industry Co., Ltd.. Built according to 4-star standard, it is a high standard hotel with the most complete functions in the northeastern region at present.

Tel:86-417-4826888 / 86206 ; Fax:86-417-4801140

Yingkou Gangfeng and Gangdu Hotels

Yingkou Gangfeng Hotel is a luxury one built according to the national 4-star standard. Yingkou Gangdu Hotel is a 3-star hotel which also receives foreign guests. Both of them can offer the first class meals, bedrooms, recreation, gymnasium and shopping services, big party and great international conference can be held as well.

Tel:86-417-6251456 / 6269999


Yingkou Post and Telecommunication Building

 Yingkou Post and Telecommunication Building has 1000 square meters of construction area. It has 8 standard bowing tracks and 8 billiards tables.


 Xian lu  Village                                                                                

Liaoning Xianren Island Xianlu Village is located in the State-owned forest park, is a three-star hotel. It has 143 rooms ,3 rooms facing the ocean, 4 full scenery rooms and 7 Japanese style villas. Xianlu village keeps you off the bustle from the city, supplies timely sea food and green farm grown vegetable and fruits. You also can act like a fish man rowing a boat on the sea, listening to songs when fish man is backing home at sunset.

Address£º Liaoning Yingkou Xianren Island

    Tian Fu Xing Hotel                                                                     

Tian Fu Xing Hotel has Chinese restaurants and 15 muti-purposes halls, 76 rooms, sona room, business center, gifts shop and beauty salon, etc.

Tel£º0417-2999999 2999888 2999666
£º0417-2999688 2999668

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