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Yingkou Area of China (Liaoning)Pilot Free Trade Zone

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Yingkou Area of China£®Liaoning£©Pilot Free Trade Zone
Yingkok, located at the east bank of Hohai Bay and estuary of Liaohe river, is an important modern port city around Bohai economic circle and in northeast Asia. Yingkou,listed the first open cities in 1984 by state council, is a sea route of the northeast and Bohai ring to open to the outside world. Yingkou planned area is 5402 square kilometers, the coastline is 122 kilometers, the population is 2.46 million.
Yingkou area of China£®Liaoning£©pilot free trade zone covers 29.96 square kilometers. is shouldering the establishment of a negative list as the core of the system for investment management, the trade facilitation as a core of the trade supervision system, the capital account convertibility and financial services
opening as the goal of the financial innovation system£¨ the transformation \government functions as a core of system innovation for matters afterwards supervision system and the mission of leading the open to the outside world.

Industrial layout:
Five major industries:
1. Advanced equipment manufacturing industry
2. Modern life service industry cluster
3. Financial industry cluster
4. Trade and logistics industry
5. Strategic new industries

Three key industries:
1. Headquarters economy
2. Platform economy
3. The four- new economy (new technology, new industries, new formats and new model)

Five functional blocks:
The area 1: Tourism and leisure industry gathering area, focusing on the development of cultural performing arts, theme parks, international education and training schools.
The area 2: Technology development and emerging industry gathering area, focusing on the development of new materials, new marine industry, a new generation of
electronic information industry relevant with strategic emerging industries and scientific and technological research and development.
The area 3: Manufacturing transformation and upgrading demonstration area, focusing on the development of marine equipment, intelligent safety equipment, auto parts
and accessories. "
The area 4: Modern logistics industry and trade industry gathering area. Relying on the bonded area, focusing on the development of free trade zone warehouse area, export processing, entrepot trade
The area 5: Platform economy and headquarters economy gathering area, focusing on the development of headquarters economy, financial innovation, commodity display and administrative services.

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