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Fan Xiaofeng, male, Han nationality, born in November 1970, in September 1991 to join the party, to work in August 1992, full-time university degree, bachelor of engineering. Served as Chief Engineer in Fushun Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Party members (deputy director level), deputy chief and chief of Liaohe reserve environmental monitoring authority Liaohe Reserve Administration, chief of environmental monitoring and comprehensive law enforcement office of Liaohe Reserve Administration , vice director and party members of Liaohe and Linghe Reserve Management Bureau , (during the period: 2015.11 - 2015.12 ,further study in Liaoning CPC leading cadres fifty-sixth training classes), candidate for deputy mayor of Yingkou municipal government.

Comrade Fan Xiaofeng is responsible for urban construction, land resources, environmental protection, air defense and other aspects of the work. In charge of Housing and Urban Construction Committee (Public works), Land and Resources Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Civil Air Defense Office (Civil Defense Office), Seismological Bureau, Housing Provident Fund Management Center, Housing Expropriation Office. Responsible for contacting with the provincial geological units in Yingkou. Responsible for the supervision of Party building and the construction of a clean government in the department that he is in charge of, and investment projects, enterprises helping work, completing the temporary tasks assigned by mayor.
  Fan Xiaofeng

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