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  1. Liaoning Panpan ( Group ) Co., Ltd.
  2. Rubber Factory
  3. Yingkou Northeast Piano (Group) Corporation
  4. Yingkou Kelon Refrigerator Co.,Ltd.
  5. Yingkou Donglin (Group)Corporation
  6. Yingkou Cigarette Factory
  7. Aucma Group, Yingkou Household Applicance Co., Ltd.
  8. Yingkou Tianli Motor Co.,   Ltd.
  9. Yingkou Chemical Fibre Factory
  10. Yingkou Refrigerator (Group) Co.,Ltd.
  11. Yingkou Salt Industry (Group)Co., Ltd.
  12. Yingkou Dafu Co., Ltd.
  13. Yingkou Boiler General Factory
  14. Liaoning Tengda Group Co.,Ltd.
  15. Yingkou Zhongxing Knitware Co., Ltd.
  16. Yingkou Radio Materials Factory
  17. Yingkou Fuchs Lubricants(Yingkou)Ltd.
  18. Liaoning Piston Factory
  19. Yingkou Medium Plate Plant
  20. Yingkou Rabinson (Group) Co., Ltd.
  21. Yingkou Dashuai (Group) Co.,Ltd.
  22. Yingkou Tiantian Food Co., Ltd.
  23. Yingkou Soy Sauce Factory
  24. Yingkou Shenya Wood Products Co.,Ltd.
  25. Huaneng Yingkou Branch(power plant)
  26. Yingkou Power Administrative Bureau
  27. Yingkou Bohai Oils & Fats Industrial Co.,  Ltd.
  28. Yingkou Guanhua Offset Press Co., Ltd.
  29. Liaoning Veitsch-Radex CO., Itd.
  30. Yingkou Kyang Yhe Delicate Machine Co., Ltd.


1、Liaoning Panpan (Group) Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Panpan (Group Co., Ltd. is located at the Shuiyuan Town, Yingkou, adjoining Bohai Sea. Composed of Yingkou Security Door Factory as the key enterprise, 10 close and semi-close relationships enterprises, Sino-American Yingkou Panpan Door Co., Ltd., as well as 500 sale centers, this group corporation is the state's second-grade multi-functional enterprise integrated with science, industry and trade.

In 1998, it will produce and sell 800,000 security doors, stainless steel protective windows of 400,000 square metres, 500 auto-garage gates. The total output value is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan, and profit and tax will surpass 100 million yuan. Yingkou Security Door Factory, the key enterprise, will reach 600 million yuan in output value and 60 million yuan in profit and tax.

The products of “Panpan”brand are sold well in 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions over the whole country. According to statistics by the state's statistical bureau, its production and sale income take the first place among its counterpart trades in the whole country. The product has won Ulan Bator International Gold Medal, the famous brand product prize by the State's Agriculture Ministry, Chinese Popular Brand, 10 national patent gold medals, Liaoning Famous Brand Product, Liaoning P.W.E products and so on. The corporation is awarded the title of the National Outstanding Enterprise, Liaoning Star Enterprise and the Most Satisfied factory Enterprise of Sale Service in the safety trades of the whole country.

Tel:86-417-5840197 /5840651 /5842324


2、Rubber Factory

The serial engineering plastics products developed and produced by Liaonan Rubber Factory are the major new products of national-level. The products include seal bands for buses, windows, doors, decoration parts and transparent baggage racks and so on, which had won the gold medal of the second China Science Star International Fair and the first prize of liaoning Government Science Progress. The factory is appointed the "fixed production factory" of manufacturing parts of coaches by China Railway Locomotive and Coach Industry General Corporation.

Tel:86-417-3842079 Fax:86-417-3842079[top]


3、Yingkou Northeast Piano (Group) Corporation

Yingkou Northeast Piano(Group)Corporation,one of China’s four largest piano producers,is the state’s large-sized enterprise.The pianos of “Princess”and “Nodiska”brands have won many gold medals in international exhibitions and been exported to 25 countries and regions over the world.During the 15th Congress of the CPC,president Jiang Zemin came to the “Splendid Achievement Exhibition of Five Years”and played a piece of music named”Ballad of Yellow Water”in an auto piano manufactured by the corporation in Liaoning Exhibition Hall.

Tel:86-417-4833032 Fax:86-417-4839057[top]


4、Yingkou Kelon Refrigerator Co.,Ltd.

The prime products of Yingkou Kelon Refrigerator Co.,Ltd.are freon-free and energy saving refrigerators of “Rongsheng”brand and “Kelon”brand.”Rongsheng”brand refrigerator has maintained the first place in respect of production and sale in the country for 7 successive years.The technology of freon-free and energy-saving refrigerators have received the assistance from “Montreal Foundation”and won the second prize of science and technology progress awarding.This kind of refrigerator won the national-level new products bonor.The purpose of Kelon is to make “Rongsheng”refigerators the first famous brand in the world.

Tel:86-417-2841790 Fax:86-417-2816200[top]


5、Yingkou Donglin(Group)Corporation

Established in January 1994,Yingkou Donglin(Group)Corporation is composed of four joint-ventures including Yingkou Donglin Aluminium Sections Co.,Ltd.,Yingkou Reynaers Aluminium Trade Co.Itd.,Yingkou Donglin Window Co.,Ltd..,Yingkou Donglin Flexible Folding Loading Carriage Co.,Ltd.,as Well as Bohai Hotel,Donglin Restuarannt and over 100 products sale offices,service centers and agencies at home and abroad.The “Dongrui”Brand products such as aluminium sections,aluminium alloy doors and windows and curtain walls are awarded the “China Famous Brand Product”by the Chinese Social Investingation Agency and the first test-free products by Yingkou Technology Supervision Bureau,and have passed the quality certification of ISO9001-9002.

Tel:86-417-7865042 Fax:86-417-7865082[top]


6、Yingkou Cigarette Factory

Yingkou Cigarette Factory,built in 1909,is one of China’s large and medium-sized mainstay enterprises,with strong technical capability and superior technology equipment.Its annual output is 300,000 boxes.Its famous brand cigarettes including”yingyan”,”Red Rose”,”Lishi”and “Liangchen”are sold well inside and outside Liaoning Province.In addition,”Lishi”brand cigarettes have been exported to Russia.Its main products have won the international golded medals and the excellent product prizes of the national and provincial-level for many times.

Tel:86-417-3836075 Fax:86-417-3840386[top]


7、Aucma Group Yingkou Household Applicance co.,Ltd.

Aucma Group Yingkou Household Applicance co.,Ltd.is a jointly-operated enterprise by Qingdao Aucma Electric Applicance Company and Aucma Group Yingkou Household Applicance co.,Ltd.is a jointly-operated enterprise by Qingdao Aucma Electric Applicance Company and Yingkou Washing Machine(General)Factory,mainly Producing Serial washing machines of “Aucma”brand.Its belief is “there is nothing better but best”.

Tel:086-417-3845666 Fax:86-417-3842602[top]


8、Yingkou Tianli Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Tianli Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd.is a large-sized mainstay enterprise in China’s household motor trade.The corporation imported 5 micromotor production lines from Japan and the United States successively.2.5 million sets of motors for washing machines,air-conditioners as well as plastics-sealed micromotors enjoy a better reputation overseas and are exported to Japan,the United States,the Philippines,Malasia,Syria,Lebanon and Iran.

Tel:86-417-2832221 Fax:86-417-2832214[top]


9、Yingkou Chemical Fibre Factory

Being China’s largest factory that produces nylon 66 stretch yarn at present,Yingkou Chemical Fibre Factory produces 8,500 tones of nylon 66 filament yarn annually.The “Silver Pearl”brand products enjoy good credit at home and are exported to Japan and Hongkong.The newly developed nylon-polyester combined superfine fibre is the international hi & new tech product in 1990s.

Tel:86-417-3842140 Fax:86-417-3842382[top]


10、Yingkou Refrigerator (Group)Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Refrigerator (Group)Co.,Ltd.is a large-sized group corporation that mainly produces refrigeration products,kitchen utensils,metal safety doors and spare parts for refrigeration.It has 5,000 working staff and 500 million yuan of total assets.It covers an area of 220,000 square meters.The electric applicances of the corporation have passed the quality certification of ISO9001.Its products are sold all over the country and some are exported to European and Asian countries.The customers are keen on the products.

Tel:86-417-4822062 Fax:86-417-4822059[top]


11、Yingkou Salt Industry (Group)Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Salt Industry (Group)Co.,Ltd.produces”Sea Flower”brand table salt,which are sold mainly in the northeastern three provinces and Inna Mongolia region.Some of products are exported to South Korea.DPRK and some Southeast Asia countries. The annual output is nearly 800,000 tons. In 1986,”Silver Bird” brand products won the first place in the national industrial salt awarding and was awarded the excellent product by the state Ministry of light Industry:” Sea Flower” brand table salt won the title of Liaoning’s Excellent Product and gold medal of the national food and wine products.

Tel:86-417-3840701 Fax:86-417-3840709[top]


12、Yingkou HUafu Co.,Ltd.

The specially wide printed decoration cloth of pure cotton and polyester cotton produced by Yingkou Dafu Co.,Ltd.is used as bedclothes such as bed-spread and quilt cover. The “Fuda” brand products won the first place of `95 Best Sold China-Made Product Golden Bridge Prize.

Tel:86-417-4835835 Fax:86-417-4837592[top]


13、Yingkou Boiler General Factory

The new type of energy-saving boiler series, developed by Yingkou Boiler General Factory, have characteristics of geographic advanced technology and energy-saving, and wins the Chinese patent, with advanced technical standard of the world’s 1990s.

Tel:86-417-3842483 Fax:86-417-3842472[top]


14、LiaoningTengda Group Co.,Ltd.

The major products of LiaoningTengda Group Co.,Ltd:the serial health products and anti-ultraviolet rays products of “Lanyue” brand; linen/cotton scribbled dyeing; knitting dyeing, elastic magic glove products and so on.

The “Lanyue” brand health products won the gold medal in the 6th China Patent New Products and New Technology Exhibition, the gold medal of health products awarded by Liaoning Public Health Bureau in 1995 and the gold medal in the 2nd Chinese and Foreign Excellent Products International Exhibition. The linen/contton cribbled dyeing won the progress award of Science and Technology Spark Plan of the 7th five-year plan,China’s excellent patent prize and the second price of the national progress award of Science and Technology and so on .

Tel:86-417-4822934 Fax:86-417-4831829[top]


15、Yingkou Zhongxing Knitware Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Zhongxing Knitware Co.,Ltd.is a joint-venture invested by Taiwan Zhongxing Textile Group and Yingkou No.2 Knitting Factory. The superior”EZ-FIT”brand knitted underwares for men and women are welcomed by domestic and foreign consumers.

Tel:86-417-3834168 Fax:86-417-3833234[top]


16、Yingkou Radio Materials Factory

Yingkou Radio Materials Factory is a special factory that produces glass insulators and has more than 30 years of production history. It has imported the advanced equipment and technology from the United States. Japan and Denmark. the pedestals for crystal resonator and shells have been serialized. The factory has become the backbone factory of the state’s Ministry of Electronics Industry.

Its products have been sold to more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions as well as Hongkong, Romania, India, The United States and Japan.

Tel:86-417-4835452 Fax:86-417-4827332[top]


17、Yingkou Fuchs Lubricants(Yingkou)Ltd.

Yingkou Fuchs Lubricants(Yingkou)Ltd,is a solely Foreign-funded enterprise set up by German Fuchs Corporation. It is a special factory that specially studies, produces and sells a variety of lubricant, grease and special oil. Its annual output is 15,000 tons and its products cover 29 provinces and autonomous regions except Tibet while some products beings exported. This corporation was awarded the title of “Technologically Advanced Enterprise” by Liaoning Provincial Foreign Economy and Trade Bureau and won the title of “the Excellent Foreign-Funded Enterprise” by Yingkou People’s Municipal Government.

Tel:86-417-2899502 Fax:86-417-2834738[top]


18、Liaoning Piston Factory

Liaoning Piston Factory is the largest one in the northeastern region. It is the fixed point supporting factory for Chanhchun No.1 Automobile Manufacture Company,Caoyang Dongfeng Diesel Engine Factory ,Yangzhou Diesel Engine Factory, Nanjing Automobile Factory and so on.. Now its products include 10 series and over 60 sorts. Among them,6102-serial aluminium piston of Φ50-150mm aluminium pistons for internal-combustion engine is the excellent product of the ministry and province.

Tel:86-417-3834941 Fax:86-417-3830591[top]


19、Yingkou Medium Plant

Yingkou Medium Plant is one of the plants that produce hot-rolling medium and thick plates in our country. Under the strict quality system of ISO9002,various specifications of hot-rolling medium and thick plates made in this plant have a good quality reputation at domestic and markets.

Tel:86-417-3865295 Fax:86-417-3865749[top]


20、Yingkou Lu Bing Hua(Group)Inc.

Yingkou Lu Bing Hua(Group)Inc. imported the advanced squeezer and filter equipment from Swizerland and imported the advanced non_bacterium filler from Italy and the U.S.A. to produce the pure natural condensed fruit and vegetable juice and soft drinks made of high quality apple. peach, grape, carrot, ginger, etc. The products are sold at home and abroad.

Tel:86-417-7832866 Fax:86-417-7832789[top]


21、Yingkou Da shuai Group Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Da shuai Group Co.,Ltd. is located at Gaokan Town, Dashiqiao City.With top-quality sorghum, rice, wheat, corn, and mineral water as the raw materials, and adopting the traditional technology and modern scientifi methods, the corporation makes a serial liquor of high, medium and low grade, Its annual output of liquor is 2,500 tons and that of male silk moth nutritive spirits is 400 tons, Its products won the gold medal in China International New Technology and Excellent Products Exhibition and has been awarded the famous brand products by Yingkou People’s Municipal Government.

Tel:86-417-5832372 Fax:86-417-5832489[top]


22、Yingkou Tiantian Food Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Tiantian Food Co.,Ltd.produces “Tiantian” brand instant noodles. The serial instant noodles of “tiantian” brand are superior instant noodles made with the technology and equipment introduced from Taiwan. Its products include beef noodle, eight-treasure chicken noodle, seafood noodle ,pork chop noodle ,fried and crisp noodle and so on .The products have been sold to 18 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country as well as Southeast Asia countries and CLS. The corporation spreads domestic and international markets with the development and quick speed. With honouring reputation, superior of taste and top-quality service,” Tiantian”brand products becomes one of consumers’ favorite instant noodles.

Tel:86-417-4838523 Fax:86-417-4835312[top]


23、Yingkou Soy Sauce Factory

Yingkou Soy Sauce Factory is a state-owned enterprise that produces soy-bean paste, soy-sauce, vinegar and so on. The products of “Stone Brige”brand gave top-quality and special favour. They are sole well in more than 50 cities over the country. The products is the famous brand ones named by Yingkou People’s Municipal Government and products exempted from examination named by Yingkou Technology Supervison Administrative Bureau. The soy-bean paste of “Stone Brige”brand are awarded the title of “Trustworthy Quality” by the state’s Trade Ministry. State Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce and China’s Consumers’Association and other national association.

Tel:86-417-5813956 Fax:86-417-5812996[top]


24、Yingkou Shenya Wood Products Co.,Ltd.

The antibacterial chopping boards serial products of “the King of Green” brand, produced by Yingkou Shenya Wood Products Co.,Ltd., have 77 national patents and more than 100kinds.having won the gold medals in the state’s patent exhibitions for quite a few times. The products have been exported to Australia. Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries as well as Hongkong and Taiwan .The corporation, whose annual output value is RMB 250 million yuan,is the largest special chopping board maker in the world.

Tel:86-417-6258076 Fax:86-417-6254124[top]


25、Huaneng Yingkou Branch(power plant)

Huaneng Yingkou Branch(power plant)is a major project of our country ‘s 8th five-year plan. The designed installed capacity is 1.8 million kilowatts. Two supercritical coal-burning generating sets of 300,000 kilowatts were imported from the former Soviet Union in the first phase project, which started construction in August 1992 and was put into operation in the end of 1996.The total investment is 4 billion yuan. By the end of May 1998,it generated electricity of 6,098 billion kilowatt hours accumulatively, having made certain contribution to the economic development in the northeastern region and Yingkou City.

Tel:86-417-6262025 Fax:86-417-6262007[top]


26、Yingkou Power Administrative Bureau

Yingkou Power Administrative Bureau (Yingkou Power Supply Company)is the state-owned second-grade enterprise attached to Northeast Power Group Corporation and has nearly 300 working staff. It has 60 power-supply lines, which are 1,187.1 kilometers long totally. It has 5 transformer substations of 220 kilovolts and 19 transformer substations of 66 kilovolts. The substation capacity is 1.3 million KVAs. The total length of distribution lines is 626.7 kilometers. The power users are up to 172,000.The annual amount of electricity sold is 2,418 billion KWHs.

Yingkou Power Administrative Bureau is the provincial-level outstanding enterprise, the provincial-level civilization pacesetter unit and “Double Civilization Enterprise” awarded by Northeast Power Administrative Bureau.

Tel:86-417-2835541 Fax:86-417-2994149[top]


27、Yingkou Bohai Oils & Fats Industrial Ltd.

Yingkou Bohai Oils & Fats Industrial Ltd.is a Sino-foreign joint-venture composed of Kerry Oils and Grains(China)Co..Ltd.(a branch company attached to Kuok(Singapore)Limited and Yingkou Port Authority integrating with production and management.Its total investment is USD 30million,and all of its production equipment are imported from Germany.Its annual capacity of processing soybean and the fefined oil is 180,000 tons and 72,000 tons respectively.It mainly produces and sells animal and vegetable oil,bean cake and portable-packaging edible oil.The corporation is the largest oil producer in Northeast China and also a larger joint-venture in Yingkou City with the annual output value of 1 billion yuan.

Tel:86417-6268388 Fax:86417-6269727[top]


28、Yingkou Guanhua Offset Press Co.,Ltd.

Yingkou Guanhua Offset Press Co.,Ltd.,whose predecessor is Yingkou Duplicator Co.,Ltd.,mainly produces modern light printing equipment for office use.It is office-use offset press base of our country in the 9th five year plan period.Its“Golden Triangle”serial offset presses have been widely used in governmental offices,research institutes,colleges,schools,and medium and small-sized printing factories.The main products include YK1800AWD,YK1800BWD,YK4700A,YK4700B,YK9600,YK810 and YK910.The main products won the national quality silver medal,and was awarded famous product of China Machinery Industry in 1997.The corporation has been ranked among the “500 outstanding enterprises”in the national machinery industry.In1997,it was awarded the “Trustworthy Quality of Star Enterprise of China’s Machinery industry.In 1996,it passed the quality certification of ISO9001.

Tel:86-417-2832612 Fax:86-417-2833010[top]


29、Liaoning Veitsch-Radex CO.,Itd.

Located at Yingkou Economy and Technology Development Zone of Bayuquan District in Yingkou,Liaoning Veitsch-Radex CO.,Itd.is a joint venture jointly invested by China Metallurgy Import and Export Corporation,Liaoning Branch and an Austrian Veitsch-Radex company,mainly producing high-grade refractory materials.

The purpose of the corporation is to serve both Chinese and foreign iron and steel enterprises.With the top-quality products and better after-sale service,it helps enterprises reduce cost.Its products have entered both domestic and foreign markets and are highly praised by its customers.On May 21,1998,the corporation was awarded the title of “outstanding technology enterprise”by Liaoning Foreign Economy and Trade Bureau.

Tel:86-417-6253297 Fax:86-417-6253284[top]


30、Yingkou Kyang Yhe Delicate Machine Co.,Ltd.

Narrow-fabric needle looms,chaine machines,winding machines and so on produced by Yingkou Kyang Yhe Delicate Machine Co.,Ltd.have been sold to 14 countries and regions including Sri Lanka,Argentina,Singapore,Korea,India,and South Africa as well as 16 provinces,cities and autonomous regions in the country,having won many prizes from the state,the province and Yingkou City.

Tel:86-417-4831195 Fax:86-417-4831193[top]



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