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     The Total Population

According to the report of the sixth national census, Yingkou's total population are 2,428,534 people, compared with 2,296,540 people of the fifth national census at 0:00 on November 1, 2000, a total increase of 131,994 people in ten years, an increase rate of 5.75% . The average annual growth rate is 0.56%.

 Households Population

Total family households in the city are 822 535 family, the household population are 2,362,698 people and the average family household population is 2.87 people, 0.47 people less compared with the fifth national census

Administrative Division

Yingkou is divided into four districts(Zhan Qian district, Xi Shi district, Lao Bian district and Bayuquan district), two county-level cities(Da Shi Qiao city and Gai Zhou city) with an total area of 4970 square kilometers.

Geographical Position

Yingkou City is adjoining to Dandong City in the east, Dalian City in the south, the bay of Bohai Sea in the west , Liaohe Oil Field and Shengyang City in the north .It is only about 700 km away from Beijing ,the capital of China .The geographical position is at 39°55 to 40°56'N and 121°56' to 123°02' E, belonging to warm
monsoon climate. It is warm in spring and cool in autumn, not hot in summer and not cold in winter. The average temperature is 9 centigrade annually.

   Beautiful Coastal City                        

Yingkou, the second largest beautiful port city in the region, is located in the northeast part of China, with the population of 2.22 million and the area of 5402 square kilometers . There are more than 20 nationalities living in the city ,including Han, Man, Hui, Korean etc.Yingkou has a very long history, which can be traced back to 280,000 years ago. From that time on, our ancestors began to live and work on this land.
In 1984, the archaeologists excavated fossils of intact skulls of the ape men from Jin Niu Shan Hill (Golden
Cattle Hill) in the east part of the City.

 The Earliest Trading Port

Since 1864, Yingkou began to start trading with foreign countries. It was the first trading port in northeast China and one of the five earliest trading ports in China at that time.
Yingkou is not only an important door for the northeast part of China to link to the rest of the world, a direct
window for foreign trades, but also it is the nearest port for shipping in the northeast area . Yingkou has carried some nice nicknames such as Northeast Shanghai and Finest Oriental Trading Port in the history.
Yingkou was also one of the cities in China that first set up the Customs, first issued postal stamps and first
established modern postal service. The Red Cross Association had set up its first Chinese branch in Yingkou. More than 11 foreign countries had set up their consulates and commercial authorities in Yingkou in the early days. At that time, Yingkou became a vigorous distribution center both for merchants and their merchandises

Strategic Position

 Since the reform and opening to outside had been carried on in China, the position and function of Yingkou has been steadily strengthened among all the coastal cities in China. Now, Yingkou, the one hundred years old port city, is being full of vitality .Among the national seventhfive-year plan projects, the construction of Yingkou New Port has accelerated Yingkou's foreign economic development. Since then Yingkou City has enjoyed the advantage of one city with two ports. Now, the annual handling capacity of Yingkou Port is up to 20 million tons, one of the ten largest ports in China.
Until now, Yingkou Port has opened the navigation courses with more than one hundred ports of more than 40 countries and regions, the international container cargo shipping lines have been put into operation as well. (After the third phase of construction of Yingkou Port has been finished, )its handling capacity will reach to 50 million tons a year. Next to the port, the Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant can provide 2000 million kilowatts to
meet the need of the development in the region. By Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, it is easy to go to the other larger industrial cities in the Province or to the other place from Yingkou. It takes about two hours to get to Shengyang or Dalian International Airport and six hours to Beijing by car. Yingkou is also one of the areas with the most advanced land transportation. The railway and highway in northeast China pass through the whole city, which connected Yingkou into the communication networks between northeast Asia and east Europe.

Natural Resources

Yingkou is rich in natural resources, which makes Yingkou have  an important economic position and development  potential .   

The magnesite reserve, among the 32 kinds of minerals explored in Yingkou, is one of the four largest magnesite reserves in the world. Dashiqiao, the magnesite metropolis of China, is located in the east part of Yingkou City. The reserves of talcum, boron, feldspar, silicon and gold rank in the front in China. The reserve of oil and natural gas is also very rich.

Yingkou has 96 km long coastline, and 973,236 acres of tidal flat areas. The sea salt products is 800,000 tons per year on the one hundred miles circled slat fields.

Yingkou is well- known for its agricultural and sideline products such as rice, fruits and aquatic products .    The rice fields in Dashiqiao and fruit orchards in Gaizhou are  very famous in the nation.  The annual output of rice is 400,000 tons, output of fruits such as apple, grape, peach, plum and apricot is 400,000 tons, and output of more than 80 kinds of aquatic products such as jellyfish, shrimp, crab and river crab is 160,000 tons. The development and utilization of some agricultural resources has had a certain scale, such as the crab cultivation  in paddy fields, greenhouse fruits and flowers.

Yingkou is also the base of fine hair goats, tussah and deer.

zy21.jpg (33554 字节)
the west area of  Dashiqiao City is
our national high-quality rice base
zy22.jpg (44797 字节)
Apples  Hawthorns
Grapes  Peaches
zy23.jpg (37675 字节)
Prawns    Crabs
Clams    shrimps
zy24.jpg (28466 字节)
zy1.jpg (20061 字节)
Electric Smelting Magnesite
Magnesia - Charcoal Bricks
Fused magnesite
zy2.jpg (19103 字节)
Dead Burnt magnesite

   Industrial foundation

Yingkou, in the process of the 50 years development in China,   has became an industrial city with completed industrial sectors ,including  textile, machinery, electronics, petrol-chemistry, medicine, construction material and   home appliances.  In the city , there are more than 3,000 enterprises in 40 industrial sectors  with 1700 kinds of products.

 The production capacities of textile, dyeing and nylon yarn in Yingkou rank the first in Liaoning Province.

The salt chemical industry in Yingkou has a long history. The paper making  and cigarette sectors in Yingkou have  important positions in China.

And the alarming equipments, mini-motors, medium plate rolling, cement  , fluid equipments in Yingkou city are well known in Liaoning Province.

Human Resources

More than 80,000 professional technical staffs are working in different fields.
The sports cause of Yingkou are growing very fast. Yingkou Sports School     has trained many sports personnel for the State.
Students of Yingkou Traditional Opera School have won a lot of international prizes in many foreign countries and regions such as France, Japan and North Ireland

   Public Facilities

The public facilities in Yingkou have been improved a lot. The digital program controlled telephones are used in the city and towns, and the IDD, mobile phones, facsimiles and Internet services are all available in the city. Foreign investment Service center are formed to deal with those who want to invest in Yingkou. Hotels can provide best service to the foreigners. The Medicare service is also good here. Many advanced medical instruments have been put in use  for the Yingkou people.

The civil construction in Yingkou also are growing  very fast.   A beautiful  park has been set up along the river bank. The avenues are broad and even. The Yushi Reservoir with capacity of 200 million cubic meters  is under construction.

  The Yingkou flyover bridge is the largest bridge in northeast China. 

   Tourism Resources 

Yingkou is not only a good city to do business, but also a good place for the tourists.

Yingkou has a lot of natural and humanized scenery. There are many resorts     in Dashiqiao and Gaizhou.    Yueya Bay, Basha Bay , the Fairy Island, the Xiongyue Hot spring, the Qinglong Mountain, the Buyun Mountain, and the Wang'ershan Hill  are the better places for tourists to enjoy themselves.

The Lengya Temple is one of the four largest Buddhism temples in Northeast China. Master Jueguang, the President of Hongkong Buddhism Society, has often come back to Yingkou, his hometown , and on October 2, 1997, he cut the ribbon at an inauguration ceremony for Lengyan Pagoda at Lengyan Temple.

   Ideal Investment Place

The  developing potentiality of Yingkou has kept the eyes from every corner of the world.  

In 1990, the specialists of the United Nations Development Program Mission came  to make a feasibility study  on Yingkou. Then they submitted to the Chinese government a 200,000 words long Report on behalf of the UNDP Mission on the Developments of Yingkou City and Yingkou Economic Zone (YEZ).

They said in the Report that: it is based on reasonable theories that Yingkou has the incomparable advantages such as its hinterland industry foundation, natural resources, qualified professionals, geographic position, port facilities, etc., which any other economic development zones and special zones in China so far cannot catch up with.   

 The Chinese government  offers a series of preferential policies to Yingkou. On October 21, 1992, Yingkou  Economic and Technical Zone was approved to be the State level development zones by the State Council of China. Mr.Jiang Zemin and Mr. Li Peng, the leaders of  China, have visited Yingkou  one after the  other .Liaoning Provincial government also offers great support for the Yingkou's development .

Yingkou has been listed as one of the 40 best cities for foreign investment in China by the City Economic Evaluation Center of China, which has made an evaluations  on 187 cities concerning their infrastructure facilities, economic benefit, foreign investment utilization, the tertiary industry, market, and etc.

At present, Bayuquan District, the once fishery village and the present new economic development zone, has been basically formed into a modern port city. Other development areas and hi-tech development parks have also been taken into their primary shapes.

Yingkou has become a  spotlight for investment in northeast China. Hundreds of businessmen from more than 34 countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, U.S.A., France, German, Canada, Belgium, Austria and India have come to Yingkou and set up their  joint venture companies here. Until  now, the most of these companies are running well and making considerable profits.  

In the future, Yingkou, the one hundred years old port city, the beautiful land , will accelerate the development in the  high-tech, light industry, textile,  home appliances, machinery manufacturing, food, chemistry, resources utilization, trading and tourism,  

We sincerely welcome the people  to come and to  seek their best business opportunities  . We will      offer  you our best preferential policies, perfect investment environment and best service. 


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