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Jin Niu Mountain Curltural Relics
Jin Niu Shan Cultural relics is Located in Yongan county Dashiqiao, Yingkou,Liaoning Province with the elevation of 69.3 meters above the sea level . Jinniushan culture is representative of the Upper Paleolithic culture in northeast China. From 1974 to 1976 and 1978, Jinniushan joint excavation team excavated it Jinniushan.has a total of three locations, point A has upper, middle and lower parts. Jinniushan culture is the accumulation of the remains of the lower part. In September 1984, Peking University Department of Archaeology Paleolithic archaeological practice team found a number of human fossils and the use
of fire    remains in cave A on the sixth floor. All fossil complete skull (missing the mandible), spine, ribs, hip, ulna, carpal, a total of 50 pieces, is a newly adult males. Since then, Jinniushan Was named "Jinniushan. Jinniu "skull is complete, preliminary observations suggest that it has both primitive features, there are also some of the progress of features close to Homo sapiens, but the brain is greater than the ape-man of the same period.

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