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Chi hang Temple
Chi Hong Temple is located in the four kilometers away from Northeast to the beautiful Gaizhou city . Chi Hong Temple, facing south, built on the mountain, surrounded with nice scenary mountains in three sides.

Chi Hong Temple formerly known as Chishan halls, was built in Qing Dynasty. The exact year is difficult to trace. It is used to be a quite well known Buddhist monasteries in the Northeast. But it was destroyed by war, dilapidated temple collapsed, so far the only a stone Monument Is
standing in the original site of the old Castle Peak on northern foothills.

Today¡¯s Chihang Temple has been rebuilt by Abbot Yuanshan old monk and his disciples on Summer 1994 and changed its name to Chihang Temple. The whole temple covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 21,000 square meters. Entire complex fully reflects the aesthetic style of the Chinese ancient architecture and modern architecture with the reinforced concrete frame structure, powerful and majestic Momentum
and exquisite works.  The entire building can be roughly divided into three parts, followed by Middle Road: Gate Hall, King Hall, Mahavira Hall, reading room, scripture library, Mercy Hall, pagoda, bell and drum tower, 500 Rohan Hall, etc. Chi Hong Temple has more than 40 monks and
more than 70 residents. Each year has over 20 million pilgrims and tourists people.

Not have the immortal name, water is not deep Longze Ling. Over the years, Chi Hong Temple, with its long history, magnificent architecture, beautiful scenery, fantastic legends known and combined with the surrounding attractions, fully meet the needs of tourists tourism
Add.Hutou Mayu Village, Dongcheng Office Gaizhou
Open Hours:09:00am-04:00pm


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